Enjoying a warm dinner after a long-hard day outside in the cold.

Elder Julia Heida with a volunteer at a Communicare party.

A typical weekly allotment from our CSA farm

Cook-off volunteers prepare 200 meals for the frail elderly.

Sharing Thanksgiving with the homeless.

Bishop Bartlett, John Randolph, Terry Quirin, Martin Brown at the head table; Kathryn Rosse, standing, talking with Kaki and Don Kreibel

What We Do

If you live in the city of Philadelphia you have certainly seen the homeless sleeping on sidewalks on a cold winter night, or maybe given pocket change to a hungry woman begging for food. You may have noticed the growing number of elderly folks with walkers, struggling to carry bags of groceries and keep their balance on uneven pavements. Or you’ve looked at the food you buy in stores and had doubts about how it was grown, if it’s safe to eat, and how much pollution was caused by transporting it to you.

Community Outreach Partnership programs provide direct help to the homeless, hungry, elderly, lonely, or otherwise needy in the city of Philadelphia. Through our continuing compassionate action we work to  build and strengthen our local community. We do this by involving a growing number of individual volunteers in our programs, by partnering with other groups to provide assistance to vulnerable populations, and by supporting sustainable environmental initiatives in our urban environment.

Who We Are

Community Outreach Partnership (CORP) is a cooperative effort between Trinity Memorial Church and its neighbors.  When you volunteer with CORP you will meet people just like you and people totally different from you. We are all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, education and income levels, the employed and unemployed, religious believers, as well as those who are unaffiliated with any faith. 

Whoever we are, we share the belief that every volunteer’s single act of compassionate helping can make a difference, and that there is personal joy in giving back of whatever time and talents we have to those who need them.

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