Sustainable 19103 Grid Alive!

Sustainable 19103 Grid Alive!

Claire Landau introduces Howard Neukrug at the Rainwater Management event

Sustainable 19103 BYO series

Claire Landau introduces Howard Neukrug at the first event.

Sustainable 19103 Grid Alive!

Greening Neighborhoods, Celebrating Community

Living in thoughtful, conscious ways in the midst of a big city is not an easy thing to do. That’s why Community Outreach Partnership hosted a series of four open potluck dinners from September 2009 through May 2010 to to bring together residents and issues experts to address many of those concerns.   Read more »

Potluck Dinners #6

Marciene Mattleman speaking about her work with children.

Potluck Dinners #5

Karl Miller and State Rep. Babette Josephs,

Potluck Dinners #4

Sharing Thanksgiving with the homeless.

Potluck Dinners #3

John Randolph carving a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Potluck Dinners #2

Father Ted Rice deep frying a Thanksgiving turkey.

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